Your obedience is the remote, that raises the spiritual volume in hearing God’s voice from Heaven.
— Terrence 'Xandre' Alexandre

Terrence Alexandre (Xandre), Founder of WEEE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT LLC is a

Brooklyn native who dedicates his life and craft to the spread of faith and the education of

Chron’s disease. Due to losing his best friend to suicide at age 11 and, almost his mother at age

12, Xandre started his music career at the age of 14 as a way to fight back at his developed

depression. At the age of 17, Xandre was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease and nearly died weeks

before surgery. During his diagnosis, he was recommended 2 years of bed rest. Instead, Xandre,

put music on hold and tackled the radio industry.



“WEEE Live Radio” his online radio show

gained 10,000 international listeners within 9 months of launch, and even had guest celebrities

such as J. Holiday, Lumidee and much more! During this time period he released his track

‘Kingdom Come’ which reached over 1.4K plays on Soundcloud around the U.S and other

various countries. Xandre is now recovering from surgery and is currently holding a rare title as

a Chron’s Disease Miracle Survivor’. After surviving the disease, calling the miraculous event

‘God’s Promise’, he decided to dedicate his life and music to Christ. Since then, he’s been

working part-time as a Graphic Designer and is currently working on an EP named ‘What’s

New’ which he plans to release by “Winter 2018”.